Tactical Rifle Low Light (2 Day)


Taking your carbine skills to the next level, this low light class will push the limits of both the students and their equipment. Applying skills and lessons learned from our Tactical Rifle course, students will understand the limitations of working in confined spaces and around other shooters in low, altered and failing light.

Pre-requisites: Please contact us for registration clearance from our Instructor Staff if you have not trained with us prior.


Areas of Focus:

• Mindset
• Safety
• Equipment Setup And Understanding
• Rifle Grip
• Stance
• Strong and Support Side Drills
• Malfunctions Drills
• Battlefield Recoveries
• Multiple Target Engagement
• Tactical Movement
• Emergency Reloads
• Alternate Shooting Positions
• Timed Drills and Graded Qualifications

Ammunition required:

750 rounds (not included)


Eagle, CO

Show Time:


Please contact us with any questions.

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