Tactical Rifle (2 Day)


This two-day carbine course blends the defensive mindset with competition efficiency. In order to effectively utilize short time frames of engagement, while maintaining quality hits on target while under stress, students will be exposed to new solution sets and challenged through hybridized drills. We are trying to find deficiencies in fundamentals, and possibly equipment set-up, and then address them to help create awareness and improve students’ overall ability with their carbine. We will also cover the process of developing effective training plans, the proper utilization of time and ammunition while training on your own, and how to obtain your individual goals after class.

Pre-requisites: Recommended to have completed Tactical Rifle 1 or similar course by Alpine Arms recognized instructor or program. Please contact us for registration clearance from our Instructor Staff if you have not trained with us prior.


Areas of Focus:

• Mindset
• Safety
• Equipment Setup And Understanding
• Zeroing Procedures
• Movement
• Efficiency
• Timed Drills
• Training Plans

Ammunition required: (not included in training price)

1000 rounds


Sept 17-18, 2022: Double Tapp, Range & Firearms Training, Boise, ID

Show Time:


Upon Registration, students will receive their packing list. Ammunition and IFAK available for purchase and delivery to course.

Please contact us with any questions or to reserve ammunition.

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