Nocturnal Fighter (2 Day)

The process of integrating night vision into your shooting starts long before you drop the tubes in front of your eyes. As this level of proficiency will improve your shooting capabilities, there is plenty to consider when implementing nvg into your skillset. This multi day course will prepare you to move and shoot under nvg.

Pre-requisites: Recommended to have completed Tactical Rifle 2, Tactical Rifle Vehicle, or similar course by an Alpine Arms recognized instructor or program. Please contact us for registration clearance from our Instructor Staff if you have not trained with us prior.

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Areas of Focus:

• Mindset
• Safety
• Equipment Setup and Considerations
• Understanding Night Vision Equipment
• Zeroing
• Low Light Techniques
• Reloading
• Malfunctions
• Barricades
• Moving

Ammunition required:

500 rounds (not included)


Eagle, CO - June 4-5, 2022

Show Time:


Please contact us with any questions.

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