Alpine Arms had the pleasure of hosting a fun group of shooters for our Summer Pistol / Carbine Workshop held on our local range in Gypsum, CO this past June. The two-day course not only covered the basics to get everyone up to speed as a group but expanded on the fundamentals of both platforms and tested students individual limits through a variety of drills. We wanted to share some of the fun and lessons learned the students had with you.


We diligently suggest that new and seasoned firearms owners invest in training. Seriously, why would you commit to the investment of the tools but deny yourself the ability to use them properly? Shooting is a perishable skill that requires practice, but also mentorship to prevent bad habits from forming, and to ensure maximization of your time and resources. Besides, getting out on the range and being challenged in new ways it’s just plain fun!

You probably already know that Alpine Arms offers a diverse menu of training opportunities. From Private Lessons, catered to your specific needs, to Single and Multi-Day Courses that challenge you with more complex drills and techniques, we host a variety of workshops both near our retail shop in Eagle, CO and across the nation. Our Instructor Staff has combined decades of real-world experience in Military combat, defensive and competitive situations, and are eager to help you become a better shooter. Our training philosophy is to cater to the student’s abilities and build upon them. We teach in an adaptable manner based on YOUR skill level and needs, not ours.

We train for fun. We train for practicality. We train to test our limits, but mostly we train to stay current with our tools and their methods of use to ensure our safety and skill at arms.

No matter what draws you to your firearm or what your skill level is as a shooter, most can agree more practice and instruction will only help. Please feel free to contact us at our shop to discuss what your needs are, check out our training calendar for upcoming courses, and please let us help you along your individual journey!

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