The age of the doublestack 1911 is in full swing and Combat Precision is a company that will not disappoint. They are a celebrated business based out of Georgia and Chris James is the one man show that runs and crafts it all. He began his career in firearms as a gunsmith and became widely known for his custom 1911 builds.

So, what exactly is a custom build when referring to a firearm? The dictionary definition states, “made or done to order for a particular customer.” Chris has interpreted this concept into parting out the components for his builds and adjusting each piece to the desired specs for his shooting clients. His passion beyond formulating a beautiful high-performance machine is to “provide a client experience like no other company”. So, for those with an expanded budget and appreciation for quality craftsmanship, you can certainly reach out to Chris and dial in every detail you desire. Or you can order one of his limited production M5s.

The Combat Precision M5 is fine tuned to Chris’s proven blueprint. Inspired by the BMW M5, this pistol is modern and sexy to look at, lightweight in its class and is known for its aggressive yet alluring lines and textures. The M5 translates from everyday carry right to the range for practice or competition. Chambered in 9mm the aluminum grip module, flat faced trigger and magazine release will give you positive feedback immediately in any environment. It’s almost like Velcro in your hand. The M5 has an ambidextrous thumb safety and a functioning grip safety. It also has a full-length rail for easy mounting of white light sources and is compatible with all major doublestack magazines from Staccato 2011, MBX and others.


The slide, with Combat Precision’s signature design pattern, is carbon steel at the Commander length of 4.25” with a KKM match fit bull barrel. The barrel is crowned and fits flush to the slide with a DLC finish. The M5 also comes with a mount that will receive the Trijicon RMR footprint. This pistol was designed to be as light as possible for an all-metal option and Chris was able to work in the rear iron sight while running an optic.


On the range you won’t help but notice and feel the quickness of the M5’s draw with its Velcro like grip. With the original concept of the M5 being an EDC, Combat Precision wanted this pistol to be lightweight and relatively easy to carry with the aesthetics of the sports car it was influenced by. With this lighter weight package, the shooter can expect a quick cycle and very easy to manage recoil. The only drawback, if any, are the somewhat longer lead times. With such demand and Chris being the solo fabricator, wait times can stretch several months or longer.

It’s no secret Alpine Arms staff is a proponent of the doublestack 1911. We train and compete with them and stand behind them in terms of performance. You have seen Nighthawk Custom and Staccato 2011 in the shop and we would like to welcome Combat Precision to the family. Contact us for more information on M5 availability.

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