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Veteran owned and operated. Under new ownership in November 2018, we introduced a multi layered training and instruction platform. In addition to outfitting our customers with the firearms and accessories that best suit them, we offer an extensive training program.

Our staff of instructors has combined decades of real world experience from U.S. Army Special Forces, the U.S. Marine Corps and LE SWAT. From the novice shooter to active duty Law Enforcement and Military, we can develop training to make you a better shooter. We offer single and multi day courses and will create private training for individuals and groups. Our team can lead anyone from novice shooters to active military, LEO, and everyone in between.

Our retail professionals have hands-on experience with all the gear we sell. You can expect clear, unbiased recommendations for all the products we offer.

Training and Gear



“With so many firearms owners out there, we feel privileged to help teach people how to be responsible”

Mike Molaro, Owner

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