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AR/M16 Platform Rifles, Shotguns, 1911 Pistols

AR/M16 Platform rifles, Shotguns, and 1911 Pistol Armory Work

We take great pride in our armory work, and can modify, update or customize your guns at a competitive rate of $75 per hour.

Gunsmith Work

Alpine Arms is excited to extend our commitment to excellence to gun smith work.  Very soon we will provide a list of what we can do for you.  Rate for Gunsmithing is $95/hr.  

Do It Yourself

If you enjoy cleaning your firearms and prefer to do it yourself, we are a local dealer for the Slip 2000 line of products and will be happy to assist you with your needs.

SLiP2000™ Ultrasonic Cleaning

The SLiP2000™ Ultrasonic cleaning system provides simultaneous hands-free cleaning, lubricating and conditioning of handgun, rifle and shotgun parts as well as knives and other tactical hardware in minutes. Ultrasonic sound waves, coupled temperature controlled heat, create an aggressive cleaning system that reaches every part of the firearm. SLiP2000™ 725 Gun Cleaner / Degreaser is non-ammoniated, odor-free and environmentally friendly. SLiP2000™ EWL is formulated to meet the complete requirements of cleaning, lubricating, and preserving both small and large caliber weapons in virtually all climate conditions.  

SLiP2000™ Carbon Killer Is Here!

The time consuming and labor intensive chore of cleaning your pistols, automatic and semi-automatic weapons is a thing of the past with Carbon Killer.

SLIP 2000's™ Carbon Killer was designed with your health and safety in mind. Unlike other products, this product is non-flammable, non-hazardous and it is biodegradable. Carbon Killer provides you with a safe effective way to clean carbon, lead and plastic wad fouling.

More information can be found HERE.

Contact Us for pricing and details.

SLiP2000™ Extreme Weapons Lubricant

EWL was designed for use on chain guns and machine guns like the MP5 and the 249SAW. It contains a proprietary Anti wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 90-95%. SLiP2000™ EWL is formulated to provide maximum performance in larger guns that may have issues with friction and heat while providing all the benefits of our regular lubricant.

SLiP2000™ EWL is a specially formulated synthetic liquid lubricant. Formulated with out the use of mineral oil or petroleum distillates SLiP2000™ EWL has extremely high penetrating and (EP) antiwear properties. It also combines three essential functions in a single product. Specifically; Cleaning, Lubrication, and Preservation of handheld weapons, and weapons systems of both large and small caliber. This product will not separate, become sticky or dry out and leave any tacky residue behind. It will not attract and hold firing residue, dust or dirt particles like petroleum products.

More information can be found HERE.
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Contact Us for pricing and details.
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