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Daniel Defense

What makes Daniel Defense a "better Mil-Spec rifle system"? Tighter tolerances, the gas port diameter perfectly dialed in, rifling twist in the cold hammer forged barrel is the proper 1:7 rate.  Their steel, anodizing and everything that goes into the build is a step above. The cold-hammer forged barrels have a longer life than others (up to 20K rounds!).  Who is using Daniel Defense rifles? SOCOM, DevGroup, GBI, SWAT Teams and LEO Personnel across the country and many International Special Operations Units.

Still not convinced?  Watch this: https://danieldefense.com/torturetest


Law Enforcement DUTY Rifle Purchasing Program

Introducing the all new line of mission specific Daniel Defense firearms. This new series of rifles, which are dedicated to the Law Enforcement professional come with an array of accessories an array of accessories to suit your needs.  No longer do you have to shop around to customize your duty rifle.  These guns, matched with our lifetime warranty can be depended on for any mission, anytime.

  • Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)* or Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm** 
  • Daniel Defense DDM4™ Rail* or Daniel Defense MFR™** 
  • Front and rear Daniel Defense* or Magpul MBUS™ Back-Up Sights** and Magpul MOE™ Adjustable Stock, Daniel Defense Vert Grip* 
  • Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ (VCAS), 2PT Quick Adjust Padded Carbine sling with molded Acetal Adjuster, Black 
  • Three (3) Magpul Mag-Level™ PMAGs 

Daniel Defense Law EnforcementPATROL RIFLE PACKAGE (PRP) P/N DD-15113 

The PRP is the perfect general-purpose system, built to be utilized by the new officer equipped with a rifle for the first time as well as the seasoned veteran. It features a 16” 1:7” twist cold hammer forged government-profile barrel, with carbine-length gas system, and a DDM4™ 12.0 FSP Rail. A Daniel Defense Front Site Base is standard for operators that prefer its rugged reliability. 


The LWP builds upon the PRP with the addition of a continuous rifle-length free float DDM4™ 12.0 Rail with DD front and rear BUIS, and a 16” 1:7” twist cold hammer forged lightweight-profile barrel with mid-length gas system and pinned low-profile gas block. 


The SSP is a factory Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) intended for SWAT, SSU, gang and under cover units, etc.  It also makes an excellent SBR “patrol rifle” type package. It features Daniel Defense’s 11.5” 1/7” twist cold hammer forged barrel with pinned low-profile gas block, covered by the new DDM4™ 9.0 Rail. 


The DMP is a multi-purpose platform that can be used for close quarters applications as well as precision long range target engagement.  It is also outstanding for target ID, surveillance, perimeter security and sniper overwatch applications. It features a continuous rifle-length free float MFR™ 12.0 rail with Magpul MBUS™ flip up sights and a 18” 1:7” twist cold hammer forged S2W™-profile salt-bath-nitrided barrel with mid-length gas system and pinned low-profile gas block. This package also includes a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm (30mm, M3, Matte, Mil Dot) with American Defense MFG Ad-Recon 30mm Scope Mount, and a Bobro Engineering QD Bipod. 

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