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NFA Class 3 Sales

NFA* weapons are becoming more and more mainstream.  Short barreled rifles (SBR) and shotguns (SBS) are in demand and available at Alpine Arms.  Silencers, or sound suppressors, are rapidly becoming used by civilians in the USA for hunting, tactical training, and general range time.  You'll need to jump through some hoops to own one of these legally, but it's no problem as Alpine Arms will walk you through the process.  When acquiring NFA items, the simplest method for most people is to use an NFA trust to take possession of these exciting tools.  Alpine Arms offers one of the most comprehensive lawyer developed NFA trusts available in the nation.  Other NFA items include transferable machine guns and AOW (for example, the Serbu Super Shorty below).

*National Firearms Act, created in 1934, amended in 1968 and 1986, to control the possession of certain types of firearms and related devices.

Suppressors / Silencers

Silencers are legalDid you know that in most states, owning a silencer (suppressor) is perfectly legal?  Hollywood may have exaggerated a bit on how effective these are, but once you've shot with one, you'll wonder how you got along without it.  The protect your ears (you know, you only get one set!) and can help out your accuracy.  Want to know more?  Download the PDF on the left. 

Alpine Arms is proud to bring you GEMTECH suppressors.  GEMTECH is in duty use around the world with many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the United States military, Intelligence Community, Federal Law Enforcement, state and local peace officers, wildlife and agricultural agencies, friendly foreign military and police, and providing excellent service with tens of thousands of civilian sport shooters. We serve each part of our diverse client base to the best of our ability, and every day we come to work to help out people just like you.

SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)

PWS El DiabloA short barreled rifle (SBR) in comparison is any weapon with a rifled barrel shorter than 16” AS MEASURED FROM THE BREECH FACE, with a fixed, folding, telescoping or detachable butt stock as part of it’s designed and manufactured configuration.  There are plenty of benefits to these rifle configurations: Hunting vehicle ingress/egress, better balance with a silencer, better balance without a silencer, easier to maneuver in a hunting blind/stand, it looks cool, discrete carry, more fun in tactical rifle matches/competition.  


Short Barreled Shotgun (SBS)

A short barrel shotgun (SBS) can be real handy for all the reasons listed for the SBR.  An SBS is any firearm with a buttstock and either a rifled barrel under 16" long or an overall length under 26". The overall length is measured with any folding or collapsing stocks in the extended position. The category also includes firearms which came from the factory with a buttstock that was later removed by a third party.  Sometimes these can cross over into the AOW (Any Other Weapon) definition, as is the case with the Serbu Super Shorty, available at Alpine Arms.

Serbu Super Shorty 

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